Public Feedback and Suggestion on Design, Concepts of Development Projects

Development of Road Junctions in Varanasi City

Many road junctions are being identified in Varanasi City for Development to improve the aesthetics, traffic movement and quality of the junctions and city also. 16 Junctions will be developed by Varanasi Smart City and 8 junctios are developed by Institute of Urban Transport (IUT), India. Below is the list of the Junctions developed by IUT:-

1- Nadesar Crossing (Design Options)
2- Englishiya Line & 3- Cantt Crossing (Design Options)
4- Andhra Pul Crossing & 5- Chaukaghat Crossing  (Design Options)
6- Police lines Crossing (Design Options)
7- Kachari Crossing
8- Pandeypur Crossing

Complete Plan proposal of junctions can be downloaded hear. Varanasi Junction Plan Report

Please give your feedback, Ideas, suggestions in concept designs of the Development of the above mentioned junctions.

Detailed Concept design is attached as PDF file.

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